Thursday, February 10, 2011

100 Dollars for a XBOX 360 Network Adapter? No thanks, i'll connect to live for FREE!

Every once  in a while on this blog I'll take a break from the InfoTech cases, Programming and Database jargon to show y'all some cool ways to use basic InfoTech skills to save money, do some cool things, etc.

Heres the first one:

I have never been that big of a console gamer -I have a XBOX 360 elite that was collecting dust, as I primarily used it solely for a DVD player. Recently, my friends got me hooked on Call Of Duty Black Ops, an awesome first shooter multi player game by Activision and Treyarch. The game also has a campaign mode, but that is not nearly as fun as the online action. After a few days of playing at a buddy's house, I gave in - got my free month trial of XBOX live Gold, and bought the game. When I was looking at the Network Adapters ( so my XBOX can connect to the live service) I was shocked by the price. I just dropped 60$ on the game, I wasn't in the mood to spend an extra hundred. I knew there must be some way to bypass this, so I did a little research and found, low and behold, there is a VERY simple method to doing this - which I will share with you!

Things you need:

Ethernet Cable
A wireless network
A computer that is connected wirelessly to the internet

1) Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the console, and the other into your computer

2) Go to your "Control Panel" and wait for a new window to appear. Double click the "Network And Sharing Center" icon.

3) Then click "Manage Network Connections"

4) You should see 2 Icons, one that says "Wireless Network Connection" and "Local Area Connection"

5) Turn on your XBOX. 

6)Right Click and drag to highlight both of the connections, and select "Bridge Connections." This will take a minute.

and BAM! You should now be able to connect to XBOX live!

It should look like this when you are done: 

If your xbox is giving you an error: Go to your start menu. Go to programs, accessories, and open up the command prompt. Make sure to right click it and hit "open as administrator." Once command prompt is up, type "ipconfig /all"   without the quotes. Go to the first connection, it should say "Wireless network" or something like that. Copy down your IP address, Gateway, and DNS servers. Go to the network settings on your XBOX, and enter all those settings in, except change the IP address slights, but within the same range as your network. (For example, if IPconfig shows your IP as, set the XBOX to
Then save and connect!

An easy way to save 100$ - You can thank me by visiting this website often and visiting this pages advertisers. More tricks and other stuff coming soon!

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