Thursday, February 17, 2011

Validating Input in Java

Hey All,

I received another question from one of my readers concerning basic Java. While I love to help, questions have been flooding in about Java and not much else! I have a good bit of experience with Database Management, All things Networking, Data Mining, and much more so feel free to ask pretty much anything IT related! I made a video for everyone so its easier to follow along!


  1. i know i'm being a pain but the first while loop could just be an if statement since if the loop is true it would only run once. and wondering if there was a reason you used String.equals() and String.compareTo() to accomplish the same task? but it is an instructional video so i guess it shows different approaches. other than that good video about input validation although people using this in their own code not only have to check for expected results but unexpected results that could crash your program. such as the user inputing a char instead of an int into the dialog would crash if i'm not mistaken as it went through the parseInt() method. once again i'm a pain. keep em coming.

  2. I heard Python was very good for data-mining solutions too.