Saturday, February 12, 2011

People being stupid on Facebook, pt. 1

 On the popular social networking website Facebook, I see these applications often that are blatantly malicious programs masquerading as a harmless application to gain access to your page and harvest all of your data. When I get the invites to them, I always behave like anyone with a little bit of common sense should - blocking the application - not because I don't want to see my secret crushes name, but because I know it is probably a data miner app which will take all my information, friends information, etc. etc. However, some people fall for these things EVERYTIME a new one comes around and it perplexes me what must go through the minds of these people.

Exhibit "A" What was your first Status? App.

My 1st St@tus was: ‘[random message]’. This was posted on [random date]
Find your 1st St@tus @ [LINK]”

This application tells users that they can see the first status they ever posted by allowing the APP to access your facebook page. A ton of people fell for this one, and the funniest part was the APP creators used the SAME message and SAME date for all of its users daily. You would think people would notice that all of their friends had the same exact "first status" on Facebook on the same date, but nope. I suppose once they found out their first status was " LOL FACEBOOK IS SO KEWL HOW DO I UPLOAD PIX" they could rest easy and sleep again.

Exhibit "B" How long have you spent on Facebook? App.

This one speaks for itself. I even saw one person comment something to the effect of " It said 400 or so hours yesterday I think its broken." No, you are just being a moron and getting your information stolen.

I will document these every now and again when they come along. My next post will be on how to remove these nasty little things from your computer for good. Until then, use your head!


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  2. Dude facebook is such a shithole. I also hated the movie.